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I Hired Some Cover Designers!

What's up, everyone? Once again, I've got some exciting news to share about the future of both The Cardorian Complex and The Laws of Vanity. As I mentioned in my last blog, the publishing staff at Village Books were going to show me a portfolio of local graphic artists who might be willing to design my cover and format the interior of each book. After narrowing down my list to only two candidates, I ended up deciding that neither of them were quite what I was looking for. Luckily, it only took a few more hours for me to find another option that was more suited to my needs.

I just recently hired Eight Little Pages to design my cover and handle the interior formatting for both The Cardorian Complex and The Laws of Vanity. Eight Little Pages is based in the United Kingdom and is run by a husband-and-wife duo, Chris and Claire Lucas. They are a team of graphic designers who helped assemble Jenna Moreci's novel The Savior's Champion, which I just recently reviewed on this blog. Claire responded to my request within the first twenty-four hours and said they would love to work with me.

There was however a slight complication with our arrangement. As it turns out, Chris and Claire were already booked all the way until April 15th, 2019 when I first reached out to them. Thankfully, they were flexible, and were able to come up with a solution that spared me from the agony of enduring another eight months of torture. Ordinarily, Chris and Claire are able to complete their projects within 4-6 weeks, so as a compromise, they offered to start working on The Cardorian Complex this September, but they would extend my time frame and complete this project within 8-10 weeks instead. This would allow them to work on my book earlier without sacrificing the time they'd spend on other authors. I was more than happy to take them up on this offer, since I'd originally planned on having all the cover and formatting business taken care of by this time anyway. It speaks very highly of them that they were able to adjust their own schedules to accommodate a new customer looking to get his debut novel published.

So, what comes next?

As I said, Chris and Claire will begin working on The Cardorian Complex in September, and will finish in 8-10 weeks. Most likely, I will have their files by late October or early November, at which point I will immediately upload those files to IngramSpark and mail a proof copy to myself as soon as possible. I also purchased that April 15th, 2019 date as well, at which time we will start working on The Laws of Vanity.

If anyone is interesting in learning more about their service, I've attached a link to one of Jenna Moreci's YouTube videos where she describes her experience with Eight Little Pages. I've also posted the link to their website down below.

Thank you all for reading. Hopefully, I will be able to post more exciting content like this more often now that the publishing train is chugging along once again. If you liked this, you can sign up for my blog and be notified whenever I post new content. You can also like my author page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @JTaylorBaker.

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Jenna's video:

Eight Little Pages:

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