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The Cardorian Complex - JTB - COVER REV

"...Baker offers solid prose and strong characterization..."

      — Kirkus Reviews

"...a complex psychological fantasy..."

      — BlueInk Review

"Thoughtful and character-focused, The Cardorian Complex offers diverse elements into its young adult mystery."

      — Foreword Clarion Reviews

The Cardorian Complex

Jeremiah doesn't know what to expect when he goes to Parliss County. He knows nothing about the Auralites, and the life Tom once had before he left this strange community to become a simple high school counselor. He only hopes to spend his summer reconnecting with his estranged friend Alicia, and that the people who live here will help him become the exciting, confident man he's always wanted to be. But his adventure takes an unexpected turn when he learns about Alexandra Cardor, a mysterious woman who came to this place many years ago in search of a new identity, and who may be the reason why Tom left his old life behind. As he explores Alexandra's dark past, Jeremiah begins to learn more about Tom, a hidden feud among the Auralites, and why his summer in Parliss County may not be so wonderful after all.




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