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The Laws of Vanity

Courtney Suveau was born with a rare neurological condition that makes her unable to see beauty. Despite this, she has made a name for herself working as a model in New York City, admired by many because of this one quality she has never understood. When she’s given the chance to star in an upcoming film, she moves to Los Angeles and meets Gwen, a strong-willed, Ivy League graduate who shares this dream of becoming a famous actress even though she doesn’t believe she’s pretty. As they both journey deeper into the world of Hollywood, Courtney begins to see how differently she and Gwen are treated and how this invisible force of beauty has sent their lives down two very separate paths. As their vastly different worlds collide, Courtney and Gwen must decide if their delicate friendship is too much to handle, or if they will stay loyal to help each other succeed with their auditions and prove their identities are not defined by the way they look.




Want to know how I got the idea for The Laws of Vanity? Click HERE to learn more!

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